Hope for the best . Think positive . Good Vibes.

The various affirmations we tell ourselves and those around us in a time of need is a testament to the unending flow of hope within each of us. When faced with an unimaginable scenario, we train ourselves to take little comfort in whatever silver lining we can see.

Los Angeles based artist and graphic designer Shannon Burt, takes this curious human behaviour a step further. The positivity that we choose to spread via actions, she gives colorful life and unique personality to.

A professional artist since 2009, Ms. Burt began her journey at The Paper Rabbit Montrose, a stationery and scrapbooking store. Soon enough, she realized that her passion for art was sure to grow with time.

“I’ve always been obsessed with all kinds of pens. I think this is what drew me to lettering in the first place. But, I also love creating birthday cards and thank you notes for my friends and family,” explains Ms.Burt

Always trying to match the look of her work to the mood of what she’s saying, Shannon Burt creates pieces that are fun and expressive; showcasing a sense of whimsy and color that is truly a reflection of her innate artistic style and self.

While through her Instagram feed, you may understand her work and overall style,Burt is an artist who enjoys experimenting. A particular favorite being, embossing.

“I love my embossing supplies: heat tool, embossing pens, and embossing powder. It gives such a nice tactile effect to the pieces,” explains Ms.Burt

A Lettering artist for nearly 8 years now, Ms.Burt believes the biggest necessity for the craft is practice. The ability to constantly learn, create and experiment, allows Shannon Burt to evolve alongside her craft.

But while her work is nothing short of spectacular, Ms.Burt is aware that there are plenty of other lettering artists scattered across social media. Making standing out and being seen, a necessary undertaking. While the community of artists in the craft are welcoming instead and not competitive Shannon Burt isn’t one to worry about what is out there.

She’s too busy thriving.

However, Ms.Burt states that the positivity her work showcases is by no means natural. It is a way of thinking she has time and again taught herself, and channeled into her work

In the midst of a tedious 5 month job search, Ms.Burt (in an effort to not be consumed by her frustrations) decided to look for encouragement in her art form. What started out as a self medication of sorts, begin to blossom into something more profound.

Something that not only encouraged her, but now does the same for over 7 thousand of Ms.Burt’s followers.  Now, happily employed, Shannon Burt continues to spread the positivity through her work that is, ever-changing and full of wonder.


With careful planning, placement and execution, Ms.Burt has created a collection for Foreground  that is nothing short of memorable. While she may create her one pieces when inspired to, all of her work are a representation of the artit she truly is.

“I think being an artist is a process of continuous trial and error. You have to keep going at it. Stick to it and try not to get frustrated! If you enjoy being an artist, then you should definitely keep doing it.” concludes Ms. Burt in the characteristically positive undertone.

One that is very hard to separate from both her work and her personality.