Always an artist, who is constantly drawn to her craft. This is the easiest way to describe Lianna England. From an early age, Lianna’s family recognised that she was, in fact, a creative person and gave her the education, motivation, and support she needed to thrive.

“Drawing has always been really natural for me. Even when I was young I would see something nice and feel the need to draw it. Nowadays I mostly draw people, I think that’s because we are all so complex and interesting to look at,” says Lianna.

Today, Lianna studies Design at LA Otis College of Art and Design and sells her prints online, as well. marianWhile Lianna’s heart was originally set on fashion design, it soon became clear to her that she was more interested in the design of clothing and less in the actual construction of the garments. Aware that her passion for style and clothing was combined with her passion for drawing and art itself, Lianna decided to take up the visual arts- constantly inspired by the world around her.

I am extremely inspired by music, fashion, and culture of the 60s and 70s, especially in Britain, and I think that comes across in my style,” adds Lianna. 


One of Lianna’s favourite pieces.

A feature that does not go unnoticed in her body of work. Be it the colours, style, composition or the clothes her women are wearing, there is a hint of either the 60s or the 70s in them.

“I’m inspired by women like Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy -popular French singers in the 60s/70s. They seemed so confident and effortless and free without losing their sophistication,” says Lianna, when discussing the fact that every woman she draws has a distinct personality.

rainbow-shirt Another prominent aspect of Lianna England’s work is her use of bright colours. This is an artist who doesn’t shy way from making a statement. Her women are bold, young and full of life; just as Lianna envisions them to be.

Below are 2 pieces Lianna has specially created for Foreground. They showcase women of different seasons and how diverse, beautiful and unique each can be.window_summer

window-summerWhile Lianna’s work is predominantly women, she isn’t completely against drawing men. Stating that it’s all about the individual features that draw her attention.

“If a man has interesting hair, eyes and clothing, I’ll probably draw them too,” says Lianna.


Whatever her reason to draw, Lianna England hopes that her pieces are a momentary escape to her viewers. Allowing them to live in that moment of sheer appreciation and escape the harsh negativity that floods the internet every day. Lianna England wants to create that outlet of relief.

When asked what her advice to any budding artist is, Lianna’s words are simple and sensible.

Don’t see other artist’s success as a sign that you won’t be successful, because there is room for everybody. If anything, use other people’s success as motivation but don’t forget why you’re doing it in the first place.”

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