For Lucknow native Robin Tejpal, writing poetry was never really about making a statement or becoming famous – it was a tool for self-expression. Having been a poet for sometime now, Robin’s work is a clear echo of who he is and every piece reflects a frame of mind.

But what stands out the most about Robin’s poetry is the fact that he- a millennial now living in Bangalore- goes through life’s everyday hurdles and challenges just like the rest of us; and is willing to pen them down in his work.

For this collection for Foreground, Robin looks at what life in the big city is like and the emotions every inhabitant has gone through at some point.

That bizarre, haphazard opening…
A spark peeping through the dark
Shining dagger in the grasp
The sky looks scary
Chaos set loose in the streets
Umbrellas flapping, adding to the heat
Regular monsoons in any other city
But this big city, you just can’t beat
With the necklace in your eyes
A view apt for the high rise
See the waves catching drops from sky
All so mystical, so poetic
Throw in a window frame
And you’ve got a classic play
Characters going insane
I look at the storm holding the threads outside
On a creaking chair, a few of them lurks inside..

Inspired heavily by Hindi poetry, Robin’s work has a raw sense of emotions that are unfiltered and unbiased.

“Poetry is a very beautiful way to express something and must come to you naturally. Poetry from the heart leave an everlasting impression on someone. It can change them,” says Robin.


His favourite poets include, Gulzar, Sahir, Kaifi Azmi and Mirza Ghalib, Keats amongst others.

Those roads-
Leading to nowhere, but a 6*4
Seemed longer than
The breaths I’ve put up before..
That wait-
Nestled between smoke, sweat n honks
Had enough in it to test
The best of monks..
I wonder-
Why I chose to be
A part of this penny-race
Could have flown out
Had those wings by God’s grace..
But trust-
Gotta trust in time
A few more years
And a few more dimes..
I’ve earned my bread
Just need a little butter
I can sense the day
When I’ll close the shutter..
And then I hear the howls
They seem in iffy n jiffy
Is it some road-rage case??
Well, the crowd is gritty..
Life in a city
– what a pity

While Robin considers his day job as a techie a means to make ends meet; to him- art itself is about feeding one’s soul. As far as this poet is concerned, art comes from within and can strike a chord in someone when they least expect it.


Robin’s Favourite piece from this collection.

In the end, every poem in this collection is Robin’s way of speaking from his heart, resonating a message that we can all relate to in honest sincerity, about what it’s like to be urbanised.