Whether it is to preserve a memory, capture an expression or simply escape to another world, photographs have always been an easy vehicle to do so. At a very first glance of Torako Matsuda’s work, escape is almost involuntary.

This Japanese photographer manages to effortlessly capture the world around us in stunning monochrome; and in doing so, she brings out a subtle beauty that most of us tend to frequently miss.




In her five years of delving into the art of photography, Torako’s work has ranged from shots of cities and everyday objects to those intimate and personal moments that go unnoticed.


And while she may not think of herself as an artist, Torako maintains that she simply wants to do what she loves. The art of it all, is a lovely and welcomed byproduct. Untitled-1As for her approach to this art form, Torako’s motto is simple – “Always take pictures that make you think about something new every time you see them.”

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