“It’s really engrossing, euphoric and sometimes exhausting process. Art exposes parts of me that are otherwise seldom seen,” says London-based illustrator, Matt Jacobs, also known online as Dark Matter Illustration.

Whether it’s his work or his perspective towards art- Jacobs isn’t your typical artist. He isn’t hiding any message behind his pieces; to give you something that is deep and meaningful. He wants you to simply appreciate his work.


“I just feel very content when I look at it.” Jacobs’ favourite piece.

sweatWhile Jacobs has always been in touch with his creative abilities, he began to truly master his craft and find a unique style for himself- after pursuing a degree in it.

“To me, truly is a tool, like any form of creativity, with the power to change how we think. How we feel. How we interact with our peers and our environment,” adds Jacobs.

Since then, his style has moulded into what he sees as an apt representation of his artistic self.  To him, his style is loose and sometimes chaotic pencil based sketches with a facet of control within them- conveying his artistic thoughts with ease and a sense of bold beauty that is bound together and presented before you.

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Can I stand in your light? Just for a while?*

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Jacob’s style and abilities also stem from content experimentation. Trying out several styles, techniques and media before setting on is current form of monochromatic beauties.

“My current style came during some personal hurdles. I’d always wanted to produce quick sketches but had an enormous fear of things not turning out “perfect”. This particular situation presented me with an opportunity to discard my fears and just publish work as a personal narrative,” says Jacobs. tumblr_o4yv2vis1x1r5vmxmo1_540 straumnes-1

While his narrative doesn’t necessarily have to invoke emotions and feeling among all viewers, it is clear that Matt Jacobs wants to go on an artistic journey for himself and portraying what is on his mind- on paper.

“I don’t ever really aim to communicate anything in particular with my personal work. It’s usually just a visual manifestation of what I’m feeling at the time. Art is entirely subjective. I leave interpretation to the individual,” he says.

bonfire-1As for why his work is predominantly of women, Jacobs doesn’t have a concrete answer to that just yet.

“I see women as representing purity. There is a certain emotional depth and grace in women that makes it easy to convey whatever feeling it is I’m trying to convey,” says Jacobs. overthepond

While every woman in his pieces is unique, beautiful and different from the previous, Jacobs is still trying to pin-point why a woman is at the focal point of his work.

“Perhaps there exists some deeply rooted psychological issues that I can only manifest through artwork. Or, maybe, I just think women are pretty,” he adds.

Jacobs scrolls through countless Tumblr posts every day to find his muse and begin sketching; a process that takes about an hour, when he’s in his creative zone.

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As for the artist in him, Matt Jacobs seems committed to his artform. His pieces show a sense of proficiency that cannot come overnight. Whether it’s his Instagram or Facebook it’s easy to see how masterful this artist has become of his craft with patience, practice and perseverance. mattdrawWhen asked what his advice to budding illustrators are Jacobs speaks from experience.

“Draw. Always. Hone your craft. You’ll get things wrong repeatedly. You’ll fall out of love with art. But you WILL find your niche. You’ve just got to put the work in,” he says.

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