Vijaya Aswani has drawn for as long as she can remember. But she only understood the significance of her creative endeavours five years ago, when she seriously dove into the world of creativity and illustrations.

” I didn’t always know I was an artist, but I knew I was a creator. I was always fascinated by the worlds that existed inside my head, and sought to explore those worlds and try to show them to those around me,” says Ms Aswani.

Not only is her work a true reflection of this belief, it’s a contemporary and honest way this artist communicates with the world around her, perhaps that’s why Ms.Aswani labels her work ‘Self-expression.’

“Drawing was the most legit way of communicating the frenzy in my head,” she adds.

When it comes to her work, Ms.Aswani uses about 34 tools. Her favourites include 003 Micron Liner, 03, 08 artline liner among others.

Ms.Aswani’s collection for Foreground is all about the life of a freelance graphic designer. A comic take that portrays expectation vs reality.

Inspired largely by the work of Oliver Jeffers, Ms.Aswani believes people with voices like his can really change the world for the better.

As for those who follow HER work, Ms Aswani’s biggest fan is her mother.

“My mum is adamant about putting my wandering mind to good use. She always tells me I am creative, every single day. Her immense faith in me is what keeps me going,” says the Instagram illustrator.

While her work is as witty as she is, another observation of Ms.Aswani’s work- they largely consist of women. But Ms Aswani says otherwise.

“Oh! Trust me. I draw men. They are just in my personal diary,” she smirks.


Coming to the theme of this collection, the essence of it is freedom. When you’re a freelancer, you expect a few freedoms to come with the job. A few privileges that are unlike anything else.

This collection explores what the word ‘free’ in freelance actually means.

“I’ve been freelancing for a while now and people look at me with wonder when they hear the words ‘work from home’. But I have to admit, I do love that!”

This collection brings out real situations of a freelancers life with quick wit and interesting technique as well. Ms Aswani’s technique is rounded, wonderful and with an inescapable sense of whimsy and wonder.

But what causes her to draw to being with?

“A happy mood makes me draw. I save my other moods for napping and food indulgence. It’s an extension of the positive state of mind,” says the artist. This positivity is inescapable in her work and easy to understand for any audience.

Additionally, Ms Aswani believes in the consistency of thought. That a wandering mind doesn’t always nurture a thought for a long time. Therefore, she is an artist who believes in staying in good form and always giving a 100 % when it comes to her artwork.

Ms ASwani is now taking her creative endeavours to the next level with a book that depicts mental disorder from A to Z. Her aim is to create awareness and have people easily understand the various mental health issues that exist, in a way that is light and not offensive or harsh.


“I would like to express positive emotions. Life is overwhelming as it is. A little gag here and there always helps lighten hard situations,” says Ms Aswani.

While her work is a positive ray of sunshine, make no mistake so is the person- Ms Aswani. While you needn’t get to personally know her to learn this fact, all you have to do is follow her work online. Comment on a piece or two and you will instantly hear back from the artist with sincere gratitude for your appreciation.

That’s the kind of artist she is.

As for her work, Vijaya Aswani’s artistry is freeing, fresh, full of good vibes and absolutely true to life and self-expression. Capturing the best of the world around her with an ease that is unbelievable.