The thing about fairy tales is that they’re inexplicably beautiful. There is a beautiful princess, there is her prince. There is a song, there is dance and by the end of the tale, you are left feeling a comforting sense of warmth and satisfaction.

For German illustrator Gabriele Wunderlich, there is a similar sense of warm satisfaction that stems from her craft.

As a teen, Gabriele’s interest included ballet and painting fashion illustrations. But she eventually stopped; until four years go, upon the insistence of her daughter, Gabriele began to seriously take up drawing once again.

Since then, she has created simply stunning illustrations of ballerinas (a former love, she is now inspired by) who are delicate, feminine and embody a fragile beauty that is truly a thing of fairy tales. All under a venture titled: Petite Pirouette.

“I love everything French and choose a French name that reflects my passion for Ballet and the delicate beauty it embodies,” says Gabriele.

For this collection, Gabriele brings together facets of her work that show delicate femininity and wondrous fairy tales. however, the focal point of these pieces for Gabriele are the different gowns the women wear. Gowns that give you a peek into the strong personality of the woman wearing them.img_1021

“All these princess are very different and their gowns make a statement. They say, these women are strong, but say so in a way that is romantic. There is a sense of beauty in each woman and her gown.”

img_1019But, prior to discovering her current style of feminine beauty, Gabriele drew more portraits with pencils; and was sceptical about using watercolour.

“At the beginning, I was afraid to use watercolours adopt it right. It takes a while, but I really feel good with it and really love it now. However, I’m still learning every day,” says Gabriele.img_1017img_1015

Inspired heavily by nature and the journey of life, Gabriele draws pieces that present a calming quality within their innate beauty. Needless to say, in the 4 years since taking up art again, this illustrator’s skill has attained greater proficiency and depth. img_1008However, ask Gabriele what her favourite piece today is and the answer will take you back to that fairytale goodness referred to at the beginning.

“My favourite pieces are illustrations of my family. Notably- pieces I drew some of my daughters when they were pregnant. Those, are very close to my heart,” says Gabriele. img_1009

Therein, stems the magic of fairy tales that are so obvious in Gabriele Wunderlich’s work. For she is an artist who believes that beauty can be found nearly everywhere, and art exists for the sake of sheer joy and spreading positivity. Now isn’t that the kind of magic we find in fairy tales everywhere?img_1006img_1007As for her advice to any artist who’s too afraid to express themselves,” Don’t be afraid to show your thoughts and express your feelings. It doesn’t matter whether it’s  drawing, speaking or singing – but it’s important that you do,” says Gabriele Wunderlich.img_1005You can Buy Gabriele’s  Prints  Here