For Jillian Doherty, art began at elementary school. It was her favourite class and she enjoyed every moment of it. This passion for art and creation has no continued to blossom till date. Allowing her to pursue a degree in Fine Arts and Art History in North Carolina.

“The freedom art allows for expression is the main reason I am so drawn to art. It s almost like a journal for me,” she says.

However, Doherty attributes her continuous vigour for  the arts to the her parents.

“They were always supportive and genuinely interested in my artwork. They would hang my work up around the house. It was definitely a confidence builder,” she adds.

Her work, can be described as a version of Pop Art . “I draw a lot of iconic people or movie/TV scenes in bright bold colours,” adds Doherty, emphasising on her preference  to slightly distort these images to give perspective to the everyday drab.

I hope my art makes women look fearless in their own skin and inspires them to appreciate each other, instead of trailing cultural trends of separation by looks.

While her material is simple and straight forward, the meaning, technique and vision is deep and enthralling. Doherty has also been experimenting on media and form to step out of her comfort zone and experiment with her art form and proficiency as well.

As for Doherty’s collection for Foreground, these four pieces are the fame manifestations of different human emotions. A collection that Doherty bases on close friends of her own. Allowing each piece to be equally personal and wonderful.


” The women I chose for this collection are actually friends. They are all strong-willed, problem solving, adventurous women and I was so touched they all agreed to help me with this project,” says Doherty.

Her friend Reba, is the serves s the muse for the above piece Anger. A pice that showcases a sense of steadfast zeal and purpose without dismissing the emotion itself.



Happiness is portrayed by Doherty’s friend and floor artist Paige. Whether it’s the playful grin or the hint of light warmth- Doherty captures happiness with just the right amount of positivity.

“Paige a fantastic artist and I’m so glad she agreed to this,” adds Doherty.



When it came to Lust, Doherty turned to her good friend Gigi to serve as a muse to a piece that reflects seduction, beauty and femininity. With lovely touches of colour and bold lines and curves, this is a piece that reflects genuine female beauty.


As for the last piece for this collection, Doherty bangs together two artists she admired greatly. Photographer Terin and Josie.

There is a duality to this piece that serves as a reminder of the depth of human sorrow and how profound an impact it has on people.

“I really enjoyed creating this collection! It involved research and then draw my opinion of that research. I really enjoyed having creative people involved. It has opened the doors to other creative opportunities in the future,” says Doherty.


While this collection is wonderful, empowering and simply spectacular it is to be kept in mind that Jillian Doherty’s creative out of the box thinking is where it all began. Her ability to find the art within people is both inspiring and commendable.

As for why she enjoys drawing diverse and beautiful women so much , Doherty’s answer rings with equality and strength.

“I draw woman to unite us in a world that sometimes seems to want to separate us. It is my way to celebrate life and all the differences we share. I like to bring forth woman who are different, or inspiring, or independent because that is what I aspire to be,” says Doherty, who is glad that this aspect of her work is recognised.

“It brings confidence that I am actually projecting what I would like to express. Each woman I draw is different and each deserves a little something extra to show a different emotion, and I think that is what keeps my work fresh,” she adds.




As for her advice to other artist, Jillian Doherty keeps it simple. “Draw because you love it. Don’t force yourself. Just let art happen to you.”