Poetry isn’t easy. Its pouring your heart and soul into words and creating a piece that will forever resonate those emotions to anyone who reads it.

Yes, poetry isn’t easy.

Najah Bashir and Anagha Pavithran’s joint endeavour titled painting constellations being nearly a year ago when their sisters introduced them to each other.

No sooner did they meet, did Najah- a poet since age 8- manage to convince Anagha to transition from a simple admirer of poetry to a published poet.

“As an introvert, I’ve always been better at expressing myself through a pen. This way, people have understood me better and I think thats how I’ve always known I was a poet,” says Najah.

While their poetry looks at issues ranging from women’s safety, cultural inequality and self wroth to finding happiness, love and everyday life – one cannot help but surrender to the fact that Najah and Anagha are a team. They work together seamlessly to bring their readers poetry that is meaningful, deep and scintillating.

However, a quick glance at their personalities and how they answer questions and you will realise that these are two women with distinct passions, interests, inspirations and muses.

“What inspires me is the sheer reality of the world that leaves me stunned at its sheer magnificence and deterioration. I believe I have the penchant for presenting the hypocrisy and unfairness prevalent in society through art,” explains Anagha.

“For me, a lot of my work is simply a burst of emotions. I write when I feel things I simply have to release. That said, a lot of my poems are simply me trying to make sense of the things I feel. I also think a lot of our work is inspired by injustice and cruelty,” says Najah.

With a style of writing that is straightforward, real and unapologetic, this duo label their craft with an honesty that is refreshing.

They call their poetic style- blunt. With a powerful voice and a willingness to express themselves and the unbiased truth this duo have created a space for themselves that is truly beautiful and expressive.

For this collection painting constellation decided to showcase poems form her their upcoming book. Each piece has a distinct theme, and leaves a little room for the viewer’s interpretation, while echoing a problem that is pertinent in society today, and requires your attention.

“ Our work may not always be the best artistic pieces you have seen, but it is genuine and comes straight from our heart,” adds Najah.

While it took a total of 2 weeks to compose these poems the creative duo believe its ok to not rush things. Each of their pieces are more instinctive and spontaneous than they are planned and scheduled.

While the art of poetry isn’t easy, Painting Constellations are examples of honest creative expression. Their work makes only one promise – to be honest and get you thinking. After all, isn’t that what art  is all about?