For Canadian writer, E. Dupuis poetry was never an aspiration. While she has been a writer since she was 10, Dupuis discovered her inner poet only in 2016.
“Looking back, I think I have always been a poet, I didn’t realize it until I really began to explore my style of writing,” explains Dupuis. “To me, poetry is a wonderful way to play with language, while discovering emotions that you could never express before,” she adds.
For her very first Foreground collection, Dupuis brings us a series of 6 pieces that explore pain, love, joy, self-discovery and other aspects that have touched her life.

” As a poet, you can write a poem in the corner of your room, and touch people’s hearts all over the world,” says Dupuis when asked about drew her to poetry in the first place, and what keeps her going.

Social media has made it easy to post your work online and share it with the entire world, but with this comes a sense of vulnerability that every artist experiences at some point of their artistic journey.

Dupuis, like most artists of today, has mixed feelings when it comes to social media and putting her work out there.

“I’m blessed to live in a time with social media, it allows poets to share their work for free and gain an audience. However, that is challenging too. It’s very easy to compare yourself to others and their growth.”

So where is the balance? How can an artist stay true to their artistic voice and still confidently share their work with the world without the constant fear of it being dissected and scrutinised?

“That’s the risk you take. Writing is such a personal thing, you’re bearing your soul to the world…you have to develop a thick skin. You realise you can’t please everyone. Some people will like you, and some people won’t and that’s okay. It’s always worth it if you’re in this for yourself. Always.”



When asked to describe her inner artist, Dupuis is honest and calls her inner poet emotional. This is completely understandable as all of her pieces come from the heart and aren’t looking to please anyone; which is probably why she does not go back to re-write her pieces either.

This is a poet who believes that once something is created, it’s best to let your work reflect the moment you wrote it.

In the end, if there is one thing that E.Dupuis wants you to take away from her work, it is the emotional beauty that is hidden in plain sight. The fact that every piece echoes hope and love, trying to bring a little light to its reader.

After all, what is poetry if not a repository of beauty and hopeful?