Art, is a bit like magic. You can see it all around you, it’s inexplicable but you know it’s there. Art is a slice of magic that is unique. No two people love the same piece in the same way. The romance is always different.

While some form an instant connection, others fall gradually. In time, they are captivated by beauty, colour, expression and form- never to look back.
22-year-old Nicolas Vurro, is an artist of the first kind. The instant connection kind.

“The very first time someone put a pencil in my hand I felt a “connection”, he says. Only to stop at 15, due to a serious wrist injury. However, 5 years later, Vurro couldn’t take it anymore. The necessity took over and he decides to give drawing and art – another shot.

AS for this thought process behind each pie e, this is an artist who channels his anxiousness towards creation.

I sometimes think,’Wow it’s going really well, what If the next line I draw will destroy the entire piece?’ Then I say to myself, ‘Hand do your job or I’ll eat you!’ It’s chaos and anxiety.

However, much to our surprise, Vurro isn’t the type of artist who would showcase all of his best work- those are a private choice of pieces reserved for his eyes only.

“Everyone should know that what I post on the internet is not the best I’m capable of. I’m shy about myself. I know It’s ridiculous, but it is what it is.”

Perhaps it is this secretive nature that allows Vurro to create pieces that are unique to himself alone. Pieces that allow people to bring their own interpretation to the table without an exact external influence.

 “I hope one day I’ll be able to trouble people consciousness. But to do that I need to improve,” adds Vurro.

Secretive or not, genre inclined or not, Nicolas Vurro is definitely an artist who is working on the betterment of his craft and the creation of pieces that challenge human comprehension.


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If the pieces we’ve seen thus far are any indication, Vurro’s ‘best work’ is certain to be nothing short of extraordinary.

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