Nostalgic Notes, is an Instagram handle unlike any other. It posts poetry about love, life and wants.; whole it’s words reflect an earnest passion that strikes the reader instantaneously. Started by Dennis Ruiz of Alexandria, Virginia; Nostalgic Notes is all about romance, human thought and emotion.

A poet for nearly 3 years now, it is almost to obvious to conclude that Dennis Ruiz’s work comes form the heart.

“My motivation and love for writing poetry actually starting by writing poems for a girl I had feelings for. I never thought I’d start calling myself a poet one day, but I’m glad I chose this path,” says Ruiz.

In this collection for Foreground, Ruiz explores the different relationships that exist between people. The love, warmth and security that different people give us. Warranted or not.

Given is work is romantic and straight from the heart, it is no surprise that Ruiz’s favourite genre is Romance; attaching himself to the raw feelings that are almost inescapable to us all.

Don’t get me wrong
I’ve only inherited emotions but
Am I the most sane
When I compare myself to drunkards
Who publicly raise their voice high to their wives
With wrecking ball bellies
And alligator skin boots
Who do the same later with their hands
When her tears seep from the gap in my knuckle
And roll down our dusty sins
And her memories
When I roll off his face
And bring him down
I wonder if she thinks I can hear her or not
Beautiful Latinas dance nearby
How could something beautiful like you
Live boring and sane?
How could you become a martyr
Hold on there, partner
Leave when a lover hits you
Laugh now
And cry later

Ruiz labels his work as ‘Subliminal Free verse,’ as he tries to avoid rhyme schemes and allows his flow of thought to be un-contained. In addition to this Ruiz also manages to present his work in a way that stands out from other Instagram poets of his time.

“I try to avoid rhymes because I feel like they sugar coat and lessen the seriousness of emotions. Making it catchy and cute just doesn’t cut it for me,” says Ruiz.

That being said, Ruiz is no stranger to the concept of social media. While there is a wave of positivity, Ruiz’s work also comes under the microscope. Whatever the comments say, this poet channels any and all scrutiny towards the betterment of his craft. Whether it’s his presentation, words or vocabulary, Ruiz says he is always trying to improve and push forward.

While he continues to grow as an artist, the one this Ruiz does not do is re-edits. His work is not revisited and re-written; in the belief that he cannot revisit those emotions once again- not like the first time anyway.

Desirable appears
And I show myself at my best
As if the world wasn’t doing the same
As if the world didn’t teach her this
As if we didn’t know
Oblivious existed
Callous mirrors
The only thing I haven’t done
Is not think about it
As the stars flock towards her
And she ignores everything
I will never call women cruel
For her beauty and her desires
Nor blame anyone
For succumbing
Because we both are short on resources
But these thoughts have taken ahold of me
If you could only know when someone thought of you
Would you explode
Would you wonder why
I dream about mind reading
And insurmountable thoughts
And that I want you to truly accept me as I am
As I did, the moment I first saw you
But it feels like it’s too late
Because this world feels cruel

Whether it’s romance, feelings or emotions, the core message of  Nostalgic Notes is simple. It is an expression of love that is free and without any definable form. Dennis Ruiz is a poet whose work truly comes from the heart and is beautiful in it’s most natural form.

Regardless of your interest in romance or poetry, this is an account that is sure inspire a new found appreciation within every reader.