PPeople can hear you. You have travelled to a point in history where your fight feels heard. You are no longer a herd of mimes barking silently on the streets for help. You finally have a voice. Finally. You have myriad stages, platforms and screens to project issues like communal violence, question laws on sexual orientation, and talk about “solutions” for these issues. So many solutions. You want to eliminate discrimination of all kind. You might even succeed with everything, except sexism.

Why? Well, because

men and women are always going to be different. Period.

Mankind would take full responsibility for very few things. One of them is money, and the other is creating borders. Once the borders were drawn, we continued to obsess over departmentalising. Continents became countries, countries became states, and most human states became mental.

In search of order, we brought more chaos.

Even families are now departmentalised. And as organised as that may seem, it gave rise to more discrimination in variety. The concept of races, castes, creeds arose and sections, sub-sections of anthropology were being carved onto text books.

But we do have the option of putting ourselves, through an entire new routine of conditioning, as a society. We could embark on a new kind of journey which may or may not be more chaotic.

Now coming down to something more natural, because well, we’re never going to stop fucking, discrimination against homosexuality is also something that has come with centuries of social conditioning. Years of civilised conditioning has got people believing that homosexuality is also not natural, many others argue. Whatever the answer may be, we are choosing now, in several parts of the world, to rid ourselves of the prejudices we have grown with against homosexuality, and grow onto a different path, which again, may or may not be further chaotic.

But sexism is different. How?

The human anatomy naturally calls for attention when we say men and women are different.

Men and women will never be physically equal.

Women will always bleed once a month and men will always have boners they can’t hide in the morning. Let’s not fall for sanitary napkin commercials and men’s fairness cream ads. They may try to convince us that we merging between our disparities. The truth is, we will always be different from one another as we were destined, in order to allow our species to last.

We will always behave differently. 

Apart from looking different and sporting different genitals, we also perform different functions. And this is also definitely natural as we are not the only animals who do it. Gender roles vary from species to species. The lioness brings home the meat, the peacock dances for the hen. The queen bee chills while her minions bring her goods, the spider bitch eats her partner after they mate. And humans? Well, isn’t that what the whole damn argument is about?

Are women supposed to be homemakers or breadwinners? Cooking and cleaning your shit or taking care of it for you outside? Nobody knows. Perhaps, at one point, women wanted to stay home, protect, and nurture their families. Most still do. But the problem really arises when it is assumed that that is what every woman would want to do. Many have a pre-decided notion on how a particular gender must behave.

People, as people, and not victims of gender-bias, do what they want.

We are individuals, but as a community, women are growing together. With the outbreak of media flow and human evolution, what if the gender roles are going to get swapped? Is that going to be the end of sexism?

No. Because eventually, if women do rise above men, men will be victimised. I believe most already are. Discrimination against men also exists largely even if not reported or brought to everyone’s attention by the media. But years from now, if women empowerment is not under question anymore, perhaps a journalist is going to break news of a man who is victim of marital rape and then a new revolution will begin. People simply need to be served with causes to fight for and they will fight without realising what the cause is supposed to affect.

Does everyone think the female body is naturally more attractive? I often wonder why we shy away from showing our deformed breasts while men can walk around showing their perfectly symmetrical, way-more-gorgeous, bare chests? Maybe soon they wouldn’t be. When women realise their dreams, they may want a world where men aren’t as free. It will be revenge of an entire new kind- the womankind. Muahahahahah!

Jokes aside, my only problem with this entire attempt of a feminist revolution is that it feels like it’s being made for the wrong reasons. Of course we have several legitimate reasons to fight, but the real problem is hidden under layers of trash content pushed by the media. It all feels like a constant fight for power. And you know that thing about power? Not everyone can have it.

In the very definition of power lies inequality.

I think the only revolution we need is one for the environment. If the single need to conserve the environment and work towards protecting it, is manifested, we will begin to live like animals again, and all kinds of discrimination would resolve themselves. It would be a much simpler world where we eat, sleep and fuck. Where gender roles are created for survival and convenience, and not to exude power.

The whole point of evolving into a civilised set-up with rules and boundaries was to survive better as a species. But we lost the plot when we learnt of power. We need to realise that power only lies in nature’s hands. And in order to obey her, we need to live in harmony, and really utilise our differences for the greater good.

After all, many revolutions may pass and many ideas may change, but the only things that remain constant are in the world are life, death, and well, sex.

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