We often live our lives oblivious to the little things that can open our souls and transport us to fascinating horizons. There is beauty all around us, but sometimes this innate beauty is forever lost to mankind if gone unnoticed. See Beyond your Soul strives to capture those exquisite moments that we risk missing out on….and seeks to reflect those true flashes of beauty, that when captured right, can leave an everlasting impact on your soul.

12038342_1640320236254054_6486703551380124761_n Started by Aditi Nayer in 2015, See Beyond Your Soul is an artistic endeavour that allows its followers to witness art, culture and beauty that surrounds us in our day-t0-day lives, and to look beyond our souls!

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All it takes is perspective and Aditi knows how to nudge onlookers in the right direction to tap into that periscope. For instance, a torrential downpour, if seen through a different looking glass, embodies exquisite beauty of mother nature…. or let us look at the world before us in a different light.

“We sometimes tend to ignore the beauty around us. See Beyond your soul is all about opening people’s eyes a bit and saying,’ take a look at the beauty you’re surrounded by everyday,’ says Aditi Nayar.

Aditi is forever looking to push her horizons and capture a fascinating shot that can inspire a thousand emotions.

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