“I still remember the feeling I got when I read poetry for the first time. It was love at first sight.Soon enough, I started writing little rhymes and people began to show their appreciation. I’ve been writing since. One needs experiences and emotions to write and I decided to share mine.”

Harshit Mishra’s connection with poetry isn’t flare-some and flamboyant. It’s honest. It personal.

His work is a reflection of inner thoughts and experiences, that are not sugar coated with poetic imagery or euphemisms. With a sincere appreciation of words, Harshit believes that they can -above all else- convey sentiments of one’s soul.

“Poetry talks about feelings that many are going through at a point in time. It’s universal, meaningful, personal and truly wonderful.”

In his very first Foreground collection, Mishra brings you a series of 5 poems that explore various phases of love and the change in human emotion that comes with each. 

As the first piece of this collection, Mishra begins by talking about what love at first sight feels like. Be it the initial attraction, the passion, everything that is alluring and bewitching passion with which one begins to fall in love.

“We lose control and doesn’t matter how recluse or realistic one is- the fact is the begin dreaming. Dreaming, whilst being head over heels in love.”

What inspires Mishra, is the flood of unspoken emotions we go through as human beings. However impactful or beginning, Mishra is aware that these emotions change us, and the shape our decisions, our wants and our desires.

It is those unspoken feelings that Mishra lends his voice, because to him, those are the emotions that are the toughest to capture and give artistic life to.

“I know it’s cheesy but love really has the power to make or break you. That’s what I love talking about. The tsunami of emotions that a person goes through when in love, and then the inevitable heartbreak that follows.”

The Thing with Love
The thing with love,
It disappears the way it enters
Without warnings or goodbyes, It vanishes into thin air.
With all the screaming and yellings
A perfect life comes to a halt
Broken promises and unfulfilled desires we tried but then we just stopped.
Her eyes say it all
Uncontrollable emotions come to the fore
Resisting the urge to devour each other with kisses
We see our hearts breaking into many little pieces.
I can hear my soul crying
Begging her to stay
But the pain in her eyes
All she wants to do is to run away.
And so I open the door
Hoping she will back some day.

This second piece begins at that point of realization. the astute awareness that there exists an imbalance in affection, and the need for an escape.

While is preferred genre is romance, Mishra believes the underlying tone of his work is primarily sadness. Thus, capturing the various shades of grief within people.

While each of his pieces are written like individuals with personalities and traits of their own, Mishra insists they are by no means, fictional.

“The people my poems shape after are individuals I know in real life or have known in past.  Most ideas come from what they have gone through in their lives.” 

The Third piece in this collection looks at what happens when love starts to dry up and both are aware of this fact; yet continue to pretend and live in denial. Keeping the façade of love alive.

With over 400 followers, Mishra’s work is definitely eye-catching and manages to connect with his readers. While social media means your work is dissected and judged, Mishra has no problem with any of it. He is an artist, who is aware that artistic growth doesn’t come overnight.

“You need to be at it for a while before people will start recognizing the work and positive feedback is an important part of that. As for all the negativity, ignore it all, and you do you. Just listen to your heart,” says Mishra.

While he used to consider rewrites, Mishra is grown to not look back. Considering his upcoming creations a better investment of his time and artistic availability.

” I prefer to write a new piece. It’s always refreshing to do so and is personally more fulfilling to look ahead. There is too much to be written.”

Expectant Catastrophy
An unknown face
But familiar traits
A corner table near the window
With coffee and a cigarette.
Lost in some other world
Not by her choice
Looking at a distance
Like reading pages from her life
Just like the rain outside
I am falling for her now.
In spite my best efforts
I’ve again lost my heart somehow.
And so our eyes meet
Giving a glimpse into the future it seems
Destructive and catastrophic
Like the most beautiful thing, I have ever seen.

With influences like Frost, Plath, and Austen, Harshit Mishra is a poet whose work is a true reflection of one’s heart and soul. The everyday loves and lives of people tell stories that are heart wrenching, real and tragic; and Harshit Mishra captures these stories in each of his pieces.

So whether you are in love, have been in love, agree with this poet’s train of thought or dismiss it completely, there is no denying that this collection (and the vast majority of Mishra’s work) talks about true aspects of love, that exist with every relationship.