This world we live in is a beautiful, breathtaking place. Whether it’s the landscape, the oceans, the buildings or the people- everything and everyone is unique and mesmerising! Photography manages to capture this beauty in its more spirited form. Transporting the viewer to a moment that is truly enthralling .

A glimpse into Melbourne photographer Sonya Thé’s makes this journey almost instantaneous. Introduced to photography at 14, Thé didn’t have the comfort of SLRs or anything remotely digital or mirrorless. She learnt her art-form the old-fashioned way.

Queenstown sunrise2

“We used to shoot by loading photographic paper into box cameras in the dark-room, before going outside to shoot a subject; we had to consider composition, exposure, beforehand; which I believe are fantastic disciplines to develop,” says Thé.

It was during this year that Thé developed an unfathomable interest in photography. However, things changed in 2014, and Thé decided to invest in a more serious camera.

Developing her skills as both a photographer and an observer, Thé began to look at the world through her lens, even when she wasn’t shooting.Phillip Island1

Drawn to travel photography and picturesque landscapes, Thé focuses on this genre as she believes she is more drawn to these elements.

While there are a lot of factors that come into play, when considering Thé’s art form, this Melbourne – based photographer is constantly driven by an unadulterated passion for photography itself.

Lake Louise“Sometimes I might drive 3-4 hours to get to a location, but the light or weather may not work in my favour. In those scenarios, I either try to make do with what I’m presented with, or try to find an alternate location.”


However, in  Thé ‘s opinion, one of the most important tools any photographer needs is great vision.

“It’s easy to go to a beautiful location and not know where to start. For me, choosing a location starts with research and knowing what I can find out there,” says Thé.

12 Apostles

While her pictures have received an overwhelmingly positive response on social media, Thé’s work is more about passion and less about attention.

“My work is largely influenced by my sense of adventure and love of the outdoors. I’ve always been a free and adventurous spirit. I love to explore,” she adds.

While each frame is different and showcases a new setting and mood, what truly stands out about Thé ‘s photography is the fact that each piece is a reflection of the commitment Sonya Thé puts into her art-form.

Remarkables view3
“The artist in me is passionate, driven and considerate.” Traits that resonate through Thé ‘s images.

As for what she wants people to take away from her breathtaking images, Sonya Thé’s request is simple.

“The motivation to get out more and truly appreciate the world around us.” Thanks to this Melbourne-based photographer, it’s safe to say the appreciation bit is definitely underway.

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