Showing appreciation for the world we live in can be deeply gratifying. Every day we witness events, people, places or beings that enthral us, leaving us awestruck by their beauty and existence. This happens only for a moment before life hauls us back to reality. However,  Bushra Shariff decided to show her appreciation for life in an everlasting way – by capturing the beauty that surrounds her with the simplest means, her phone!12604950_10153797202232040_1934327626580227768_o


It is with the simple, yet the pure notion of capturing beauty that Bushra uses the hashtag #beautyinurbanspaces. Now over a year old, Bushra’s pictures are a spectacular blend of geometrics, symmetry and an unending spectacle of colours. The artist terms this is ‘a happy coincidence’, as she only aims to take pictures of all things beautiful.



Bushra confesses she has a soft spot for cats.

As for her process, Bushra finds the best way to proactively contribute to  #beautyinurbanspaces is to take long walks with her camera and simply capture all that she finds captivating.

“You never know what’s out there. I don’t go out thinking I want these shots. I let the images come find me,” she adds