When you think of poetry, you think of words. A rhythmic synchrony that transcends time and geography; whose relevance is only contextual. However, Instagram and social media has changed the game for poets and poetry everywhere. Asking poets to make their art form as visual as it is transcendent.

Indonesian artist Elvy Halim is one such poet. Her work is both visually enriching and verbally meaningful. As for her start, Halim’s answer is just like her poetry.

“Aren’t we all born an artist? I’m sure it began since I was small, from doodling on my bedroom wall to painting on a real canvas when I was in school or taking picture out of a random objects. I’ve always enjoyed the creative process. To me,  it’s a venting outlet.”


Having always been inclined towards Polaroids, Halim has a large collection of instant cameras of her own. However, one of the beautiful cons of instant pictures happens to be that, they cannot be edited in any way. But this is precisely what Halim loved about Polaroids to begin with. The instantaneous, raw beauty of the moment.

“For me artistic essence revolves around emotions, it expresses feelings and individuality through creativity. The essence of my work is me expressing my ever-changing emotions; sadness, fear, anger, joy and love. I believe, there’s no art on the absence of emotions,” says Halim.


Drawing from childhood memories, heartbreaking events, daily conversations -Halim channels almost every life experince into her writing.

” I have this tendency to analyse every little thing, so usually the idea comes from there,” Halim Explains.

A self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, who cannot contain her feelings, nor really use it as a barometer to measure artistic output- Halim choosing to lay it all out for her readers.

“I find art, poetry and music is kinda the only way I can let myself express, something that I can relate to,”she adds.

As for her unusual online handles Dashues, Halim has a a simplistic explanation for that as well.

” I was obsessed with the word ‘hues’. I used it in every caption. Dashues actually comes from “that hues”, but it sounds monotonous and uninteresting. So I change the “that” to “das”. Voila! Dashues was born!,” Halim explainsimg_0099

Motivated by heart ache and self-love, Halim’s work reflects bonds that are strong and personal. This written style combined with a visual strong hold of supplementary photographs allows Halim to present to her audience, pieces that are unique, individualistic and simply spectacular!


Stared out on August 2016, Halim’s Dashues page has over 18 thousand followers and growing. Collecting with every reader on singular level. Telling a story that is between them and the Polaroid itself.img_0063

While each image compliments  her work, Halim spends a substantial amount of effort into searching for these stock images. She then gives them the Polaroid effects, create her work. While it may seem like a tedious process, The results (as you can see)are very well worth it!

Whether you call her a poet, a visual artist a writer or consider her words to be a catalog of personal thoughts- Elvy Halim’s work is proof that poetry can entail the simple, beautiful, inspiring and wonderful all together; regardless of the word count and the visual that goes with it.

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