Colorado’s Jeff Moore, sold his first professional piece of art in 2008 at an auction. The piece was a sketch of Marilyn Monroe that was sold to a bidder who paid over 6 times what Moore thought the piece would sell for.

That first bidder took home a piece that in a way, paved the way for some incredible work of art. untitled-1 Unlike most, Jeff Moore didn’t always know he wanted to be an artist. He did love art, and excelled at it; when he was younger, but come high school there was a shift.

“In high school, knowing I loved art I took advanced classes as a freshman and my teacher hated everything I did and to put it as politely, she was very discouraging.  I didn’t take any other art classes in high school after her’s.  I even went to college with a mass communication career in mind,”says Moore.

However, come second year of college Moore decided take art seriously once again. Deciding that he wanted to do it professionally.

While he primarily uses dry 2D media, his work is truly death taking. Beyond composition, range, attention to detail and realism, these pictures capture emotions with specificity and breathtaking brilliance.

” The thing that draws me most to art is diverse it is, creating (art) makes us human across all cultures.  There are so many different perspectives and art is a way to bring understanding universally,”adds Moore.

img_0729Which is why there is’t a style or subject Moore isn’t willing to try. This is an artist who is open to new experiences and endeavours, and is therefore constantly challenging his capabilities as an artist.

His love for experimentation also stems from the fact that not only is he a professional artist, he also teaches High School art at Palisade High School. A job that requires him to be well versed with different genres of art.

“On of my favorite things about teaching is all the interesting ideas kids come up with,” he adds. img_0526“Sometimes do get overwhelmed by the details. Usually it’s only when I’m not working on the piece.  Once I get to work and start grinding out details, it seems much more manageable,”says Moore. With regards to his artistic creations, Moore’s work requires preparation and research. His awe-inspiring attention to detail only gets better with each piece whilst staying true to his artistic style and adapting to new and captivating aspects of creation.

“I sometimes pick pieces specifically to give me that overwhelming feeling.  That’s how I know I’m getting better,” he adds.

One of Moore's favourite pieces dill date.

One of Moore’s favourite pieces dill date.

As for inspiration- this Colorado artist is more driven by the end result than the motivation of creating itself. While most may feel the exhaustion of everyday routines, Moore believes it is overcoming that can focusing on your craft and your rhythm goes a long way.

For him, his inspiration comes from a finished masterpiece. Looking at his work with a gratifying sense of accomplishment and thinking, ”YEAH!  I did that!  I CREATED that! What can I do next?!’

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It goes without saying that work this spectacular can also be complex and time consuming. A concept that won’t really register to many viewers at rest glance, but is an important factor to consider as well.

” I tell people, this took me 40 or 80 or 100 hours to complete. But, they try, and fail to do the same thing in just a few 1 hours sessions of drawing,” adds Moore.

As for artistic advice, Jeff  Moore’s is straightforward.

” I see young artists get discouraged because they aren’t as good as they want to be after a few failed attempts at their craft.  You have to keep telling yourself, I worked today and I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m better than I was yesterday, and eventually, I’ll GET good,” says Moore.

And while it may be hard for this artist to put his artistry into a timeline, maybe that’s because he’s always been one and with time, patience and practice, today- Jeff Moore has become a truly unique artist.

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