A million molecular interactions stimulate our senses every millisecond and a range of connections, both tangible and intangible, course through our mind, bodies and soul through every notable moment. How do we find the means to convey, connect and etch them into our memories? And how do you let the world see the beauty of it? The answer is art, a brilliant expression of mind and matter. Such is the work of French artist J.personne’s work, which engagingly reflects humanity’s contradictions today, with a subtle touch of humour.

Take for instance, this picture featured below: A man embracing the beauty of the world is taking in the sights of the diverse marine species – albeit confined in a tank. The contradictory themes of embracing beauty against a backdrop of restricted freedom stand out. And perhaps the sheer ignorance of the man failing to look at the larger picture has been conveyed with a hint of humour. But then again, that is only an individual perspective. Some of you gazing at it might have more enlightened viewpoint – and this is precisely what J.personne hopes to invoke in each one of us.


While his pieces are mostly in black and white, the range of emotions and messages that they convey are spectacularly vibrant. Usually completed in 2 hours or less, fresh pieces can be found online regularly, that are sure to captivate every single one of his viewers!

A piece Created Especially for Foreground

A piece created especially for Foreground

“I consider myself more of a designer of ‘bande dessinée’ than as an illustrator,” says Personne when asked about how he started and why. While each of his pieces are unique, there is also a clear reflection of his personal style and passion.

As for what advice he has to give to budding artist across media, J.personne says, “Listen to yourself, pay attention to your emotions and the best way in which you can re-transcribe it into your art. And above all else, have courage!”

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