For every artist, art has and always will be, a deeply personal endeavour. An endeavour that requires immense personal affinity and dedication. Instagram poet and writer PJ Wallace, is no exception. What started at age 17 as songwriting soon evolved into a love for poetry that is unmatched and truly unique.

“I never really knew I wanted to be a poet. It was a serendipitous discovery that was deeply gratifying, whilst being one of the easiest ways to express what I wanted to, at any given time,” explains Wallace.


While his work is largely influenced by the world around us and the events that come with it, Mr Wallace is a poet who does not compromise on personal preference, artistic form and unique sense of self, that is clearly reflected in each of his poetry.

While his favourite poets include the likes of Bukowski, King, Edgar Allen Poe, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Hunter S Thompson and Gilliam Flynn – Wallace credits his poetic success to being observant of the world around him. By doing so, he believes he keeps himself open to new experiences and interesting people.

“Everything around us is inspiring, so I just like to see the world as it is and then write about either my own thoughts or how people might see a situation,” he adds.


While his words are powerful and reflect a purpose, Mr Wallace never really set out to write powerful poetry. His goal was simple. All he wanted, was to write; the power of his work, the following and the remarkable finesse in his craft- are all a happy byproduct.Promo-PIece-5--1024x1024.png

However, it is to be remembered that even work as brilliant as Wallace’ comes with its challenges. Namely, putting your work out there for the world to see.

“It’s only natural to feel anxious about putting yourself out there and I was, I think you just have to do it and not worry about what others think,” he says.

“You just have to do it, if it’s something you want to pursue then why wouldn’t you?” he adds.

As for this artistic process, Mr Wallace relies on music to help him get into the mind space of writing. Primarily, rock like mogwai or explosions in the sky.

“This is one of my favourite pieces. I was just walking outside on my way home from work and it just came to me, it was an enjoyable piece to write.”

The one thing Wallace does not do is rewrite his pieces, as he believes it’s important to devote his focus to the next piece of poetry, and the other inspirations that lie ahead.

While his work is diverse, powerful and meaningful Mr.Wallace, the poet is a man who is constantly inspired by the world around him and isn’t afraid to express his emotions for the world to read.

In an age where digital popularly predominantly sort after, PJ Wallace refreshingly places his art in the foreground letting popularity become a happy coincidence.