You may be a writer, a doctor, an architect, an artist or student. But, have you ever wondered if your life at this moment is complete?
If you’re meant to be in this version of yourself? If you’re living your life completely under your terms and not those of a predetermined lifestyle?
Most people face these existential conundrums, only to be comforted by the fact that what they’re feeling is an undefinable feeling- as they, cannot pinpoint what is missing.
But there are those, who choose to re-imagine their lives. Those who can reshape who they are by taking their passions and interests more seriously; thereby staying true to their hearts. Tufan Ivanovsky is one such person.
Until 2014, Tufan was studying to become an engineer. After his education was complete, he began the next step in his life- the job search. However, he simultaneously began to indulge his artistic passions. He began spending his time drawing and perfecting his skills as an artist and posting his work online.
Currently working as a project manager in energy and sustainability in construction, Ivanovsky finds time to create pieces that show his talents and his inner thoughts in the most powerful ways possible.

“Even as a child, I drew a lot. I could not get enough of it. Then I wanted to follow art studies or the game industry, but it wasn’t possible then. Instead, I followed the way to technology and planning.”

Inspired by his own thoughts and emotions, Ivanovsky is an artist who is moved to create pieces that emerge from his own subconscience. However, he does admit sadness and melancholy are moods that set the stage for most of his work.

“My favorite artist is Zdzisław Beksiński, I like the fascinating and mysterious atmosphere he creates and the finiteness of things. I also like H.R Giger and Dariusz Zawadzki. Their work is brilliant!”

The subjects of his work are soldiers, who return from war. Those who come back to live a new kind of life that they didn’t know they would live to experience.
“Everyone should know what it means to return alive from the war. How the soul goes after it and lives a life without emotions.”
While he insists that he is still learning his craft and is by no means proficient, Ivanovsky is certain about his style of work.

“I will definitely not represent flowers or happy people. I like the distortion and the dramatic deformation of the body,” he says.

Fascinated by the human body, Ivanovsky’s work is constantly showcasing life and the human form in a different perspective. A perspective that is born from scratch in the depths of his imagination, or with a little help from music.

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Always experimenting with his medium, Tufan Ivanovsky is an artist who enjoys is craft and has constantly worked towards the betterment of his art form. While painting may take him nearly 15 hours, at least, they are moments he truly enjoys, from start to finish.

“I want to create a timeless atmosphere for my audience and encourage them to think with my artwork and their titles. A lot of philosophies and opinions are exchanged at my exhibitions, and I am truly grateful for that.”

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