For Bryan Schiavone, art wasn’t just a way to pass time. It was a companion. Having transferred 9 schools throughout her childhood, Bryan thought of her art as a constant companion.
“It sounds sad-looking back on it now, but I’m really glad I had the opportunity to learn many crafts,” says Bryan, who since then, never truly stopped being an artist.img_4361

Bryan’s work brings clean lines and technique into everyday life to produce pieces that are all about living in the moment. Whether it’s an object, a scene or a person, to Bryan, there is a personal significance and an intimate story that only she knows.

“My sketchbooks are like diaries because I can remember exactly where I was when I did each drawing—how long I stood there, who I was with, how confident I felt,”says Bryan.

While she is constantly creating, Bryan’s art brings forward a minimalistic, clean meets established technique that is a clear reflection of how long she’s been an artist.


While Bryan’s pieces show everyday life in a clean and captivating way, the artist is by no means self-assured and has bouts of self-doubt, like any other artist.

Making any art is scary because you run the risk of hating both the product and yourself. But the pay-off is when you create something you’re proud of. It’s incredible. There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment and pride in good work.” says this Berlin-based artist 

“It’s the feeling that I’ve contributed to the world in my own small way, which somehow cancels out the fear that life is meaningless,” adds Bryan. img_4578Depending on the level of detail, each of Bryan’s pieces takes anywhere between a minute and an hour to create.

Bryan starts with the first outline and takes it from there. Paying attention to the tone of the piece and bring it to life. However, whatever she is drawing, Bryan believes in preserving art that is simple. She likes to keep it clean.


When asked what her biggest motivators are, Bryan says the support of her followers is by far the biggest motivators.

“But I try not to think of art as being produced for public consumption because then I end up making stuff I don’t care about,” says Bryan.img_3516

While Bryan Schiavone’s pieces are personal excerpts from her life, what truly stands out about her work is, in fact, her simplicity. This is an artist who’s in tune with her artistic style and manages to stay true to is no matter what.

As for her advice to budding artists everywhere, Bryan is honest and relatable.

 “Stop saying you wish you could draw and just draw. The only thing separating you from talent is time.


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