I’m doing good-

I’m not, I’m unhappy.

I’ve got a wall inside my walls,

I’m lonely.

I’m in love-

With nothing really.

Not even myself,

Not even the idea of me.

I travel all the time-

Though I really just wander.

I’m lost, drowning in shame

I leave my heart to ponder

For my mind can’t bear the truth, as I’m killing my precious youth.

I’m not afraid-

I’m only scared of dying.

Anyone who says otherwise is living off his lying.

Trust me-

Ask my twitter followers, maybe they understand me.

Dare to admit-

The fact that you can’t handle the truth either.

Dare to deny-

I’ll only lose another follower.

I can handle this-

No I can’t, and I will not.

I will tear my name apart and scream and shout

That life is hard

And we’re all going through a rocky patch.

We’re standing at the door, but we can’t open the latch.

We can’t find our way out

Sometimes in

Life has another way of calling out to us,

We don’t know where to stop, we won’t know where to begin.

In the meanwhile, we hold hands

Whispering a hymn-

“Truth is all we know, rewriting it is a sin.”

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