True artists often bring out beauty and splendour in things that surround us, by giving it a unique touch of their genius- Switzerland’s Dimitri Herzog is one such artist. As a photographer and creator, Dimitri has concentrated on capturing kaleidoscopic abstracts, whilst constantly experimenting with unique angles.

This first picture in this collection below, is Dimitri’s favourite.

Dimitri’s collection for Foreground resembles a modern day Rorschach, prompting different emotions in the audience each time it is viewed. And that is the true beauty and essence of art!

And why is that, Dimitri?

“Well, because this is me, abstract and unique. It tells viewers to be yourself; even if that sometimes what you create does not correspond to main stream.”


Dimitri adds, “I make this kind of photography because I want to create something that stands out from the crowd, but it also makes a lot of fun for viewers.”


It is hard to believe that such seasoned art has been created by someone so young and talented, for Dimitri is 16 years old. Given what we have seen from him today, we can all be certain that we are going to see more artistic pieces from this photographer and creator, for many more years to come.