Since inceptions, one of the biggest lessons team Foreground has learnt is that art is where. In the darkest of places, in the most mundane of thoughts, in the strongest of opinions and the most unexpected of places.

Art, truly surrounds us all, and California-based poet Barron Sudderth is a perfect example of this fact.

A peek into his Instagram account will show you that Mr. Sudderth has a gift. It’s not just about the words he pens down or the meaning behind them, but his unhinged commitment to is craft and how involved he is in it’s evolutions

Having been a university teacher of English and American Literature for nearly 22 years now, Mr. Sudderth is no stranger to literature. But it was his travels to over 13 countries that brought him closer to the art form.

“I’m very inspired by words and how they help to bridge an understanding between ourselves and the world around us,” explains Sudderth.

Inspired by the works of Eliot, Hemmngway and Fitzgerald to name a few, Sudderth’s collection of Haikus focuses on concrete and abstract ideals that get us through the tough times. In this case, it’s  love, physical contact, memories, hope, dreams, beliefs, sleep and pain.

Sudderth’s favourite piece.

While many be worries that Haikus limit a poet when it comes to expression, Sudderth isn’t worries at all. In fact he focuses on riding the right words that will add meaning to his work.

“Every syllable counts in a haiku and this is one important element that I think about as I craft each piece,” he explains.

It’s no surprise Sudderth is so invested in his art form. The details, the message, the aesthetics. They are a part of a larger picture. They are an incredibly personal creative outlet.

Sudderth is an artist who isn’t worried about putting his art out there. With over 600 followers and growing, the response to his work is nothing if not positive.  However, there are artists out there who aren’t completely open to the idea of putting their work out there, and overcoming a creative fear that many of their peers face.To them, Sudderth says, “Writing is such a personal endeavour that requires a tough skin for anyone interested in writing for readership. While the fear of failure can definitely affect what we write,  writing for a specific person always make it that much easier even if they are not going to read whats written.”

While what is weren’t in Sudderth’s case are meaning full Haikus that are allow readers to reconsider life and all the meanings in between. To smile, laugh or cry knowing that they are not alone in this life. That there is art out there especially for them; art that connects them to everyone else when nothing else does.

“There are definitely days where I feel blocked. Thats when I open a book and read, listen to music and even copy passages of my favorite writers until I’m inspired and the block passes. The important thing, is to constantly write,” says Sudderth.

The truth is, if you spend enough time reading his work, and truly seeing the meaning behind each piece, it’s easy to understand who Barron Sudderth truly is. He is an appreciative reader of literature, a poet who is constantly inspired by the world around him and he is honest and motivated by his own experiences in addition to whatever life throws his way.

Isn’t that what being an artist is all about?