At age 5 Andrey Samarin went to his first art studio, where his creative journey began. Today, this Russian artist’s sketches and paintings invoke a sense of wonder and calm within every viewer. While his work has always been the focal point of awe-inspiring positivity, Andrey says it’s all about growing and developing new skills.

” I don’t care to do the monotonous. I’m interested in doing something I don’t know. Therein lies development,” says Andrey.


Whether its detailed portraits, sketches, abstract art or scenery with brilliant colour and composition, Andrey is an artist who manages to clearly express himself in every medium of his art form. Allowing his audience to be captivated by the message within  each piece, with ease.


Inspired by the artists like Ilya Repin, Valentin Serov, Picasso, Steve Huston, to name a few- Andrey founded Russia’s first private art studio in 2003. Since then, he as developed many training programs and courses in addition to running several workshops. Teaching students who attend the various facets of oil painting and fine art training, and other academic drawing courses.

“This is the foundation, it builds artistic skill,” comments Andrey.


Looking at the work of this artists, fortifies the belief that every work of art possesses a story of its own. A tale told by the painter, to the viewer who is lucky enough to see and understand it.

As for the future, Andrey believes an artist’s creative journey is constantly changing and entails constant learning. Whether it’s a new medium, mood or uncanny compositions, Andrey Samarin of Stavropol Russia is always up for challenging his artistic capabilities.

“Long and honest improvement of my skills. Learning new technology and unexplored subjects and constant movement and development is something I am looking forward to doing in my future,” says Andrey, with the firm belief that an artist will always have something new to learn.

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