The thing about love is, there are different levels to it. Different aspects, phases, emotions and intricacies. The feeling of love as it begins is vastly different from the love you feel when your relationship has aged. There is a sense of comfort, that settles in. The electric passion that was once obvious is a lot less urgent now. You find ourselves falling for one an other with greater ease.

Love, is deep, complex, meaningful and beautiful.

Instagram poet Heartbridges Poetry’s  collection for Foreground explores exactly this; the different aspect of love.

Written by Swiss born Martina P*, Heartbridges Poetry brings you fantastic poems that are intricate, beautiful, romantic and spiritual. Allowing readers to question everything, whilst  submerging themselves in the beauty of whats before them.

“This collection allowed me to reflect on my relationship in a very profound and philosophical way and brought up a feeling of deep gratefulness. I enjoyed every moment of it, “says Martina.

*Name Changed.

Having been a writer for some time now, Martina has written several short stories, and poems. Having always known she wanted to be a writer, Martina plans to start a book project as soon she completes her bar exams this year.

“I’d love to combine it with some of my poetry, maybe one poem at the beginning of each chapter.”

While poetry is rather new to her, this Instagram poet  discovered her love for the genre a few months ago, when she met her boyfriend.

“We kept on sending each other different kinds of poems and when he came to visit me for the first time I wrote something for him and realized how much I enjoy doing this and haven’t stopped ever since,”says Martina.

While her collection for Foreground is all about the love and everything that comes with  it, Martina’s work is far more autobiographical and spiritual than what meets the eye.

Whether a reader can comprehend this fact or not, as a poet Martina is content with that fact that her art manages to reach out to people regardless of race, culture or geography. Her art, allows people to realise who they really are and see themselves in her words.

As for the birth of her style and art form, Martina says her artistic voice was always talking; she didn’t always listen.

“For the longest time, I used to be very caught up in my mind and cut from my heart for, which made me a seeker who tried to solve all issues on a purely thought-based form. Of course I failed miserably. Once I learnt to listen to my heart, I did a pretty good job in the past few years. The beautiful thing about writing – poetry especially – is that it allows me to combine these things; I listen to my heart and allow my mind to process these feelings and perceptions and transform them into words. This way my words build bridges from my mind to my heart that I can walk over whenever I get lost in my thoughts again. This is truly magical,” this poet elaborates.

Martina’s favourite piece from her collection.

While her work is indeed spectacular, being an Instagram poet means displaying your work on a medium that is in fact brimming with similar talent. While social media makes it easier for poets to display their work, Martina (like others) leverages it to connect to other artists she finds inspiring. To her, all art is beautiful and every artist is unique.

“I decided to put some of my work out there without expecting much. I was completely overwhelmed by the lovely feedback and the great opportunities it has given me,” she adds.

“A  light-footed child with a yellow dress covered in blue flowers, surrounded by peace.” This is how Martina describes her inner artist; painting a truly beautiful picture whilst not once loosing touch with the poetic beauty from within.

As for this collection, Martina P believes that all aspects of love unite that which is human about us with that which is spiritual. Whether it’s the passion, romance, frustration, intimacy or friendship- Martina explores the amalgamation of humanity and spirituality that often goes unnoticed.

“When we really love someone we are always connected on both levels, which is one of the reasons why love can make us feel so whole. This is the topic that inspired all of my five pieces for Foreground,” she says.

But all art brings challenges. For Martina, the hardest piece to write was the one that almost every Foreground reader fell in love with.  A piece that explores the physical bonds of love in a delicate and dignified manner, without compromising on passion and intimacy. 

Another aspect of Heartbridges poetry is the beautiful layout that Martina meticulously plans. Each photograph is a reflection of the words that rest on top of it.

” This collection took me a while, because I wanted to combine my words with my photography.”

When asked whats next on her creative t0-do list, Martina hopes to one day- publish a guidebook of her spiritual experiences.  A book that beautifully combines her poetry and inner-self.

Through this collection one realisation is easy to come by. Love inspires art that is almost unlike anything else. Whether you’re laughing, crying or fighting – love can be an inspirational trigger that lets you tap into yourself .

As for Martina P, her work under Heartbridges poetry, is without a doubt an accurate reflection of the beautiful human being who, writes each piece of art that is with dedication,  flare and heartfelt honesty.