Whether it movies, music or literature, there has been no shortage of powerful and beautiful women, captivating their audiences. These women also become muses to many passionate artists; recreating these strong leads with a vision of their own. Hong Kong’s Anthony Kuuga is one such artist, and his muses ; women of pop-cultural relevance everywhere.

Professionally a graphic designer for about 20 years, Tony is no stranger to digital media and the techniques that come with it. However, he only began his artistic endeavours a little over 2 years ago.

“I’ve  high pressure in my design career and was seeking an outlet to release my stress. Two years ago, I saw a friend had drawn a picture of this actress and it inspired me. I began to draw and share my work online. There was some good feedback and it encouraged me to draw even more,” says Tony.

One of his latest pieces: Wonder Woman

While Tony is drawn to all the aspects of art- be it modernity, minimalism, and impact; he is a big fan of traditional Chinese artwork. With some serious planning, artistic skill, and Adobe Illustrator, Antony Kuuga gives you the artwork of women that is Kawaii fashionable, mixed with the appearance of a cartoon character and realistic texture.Keiko-5“I put a lot of effort on the texture and detail. So viewers can see it easily. Since Instagram doesn’t have a zoom function, I post the picture in 3 scales- Head Portrait, Half, and Full size,”says Tony.

A quick look at his Instagram and you will notice that Tony’s work can be seen from inception. Whatever the concept, Antony Kuuga shares each step of his creative process with his 1500+ followers.

“I want the layout to look cleaner, so I consciously arrange the layout. I now want even more detail, so I slice the picture into 6 or 9 pieces,”adds Tony.untitled-1

His attention to detail, experimenting with textures and efforts to develop his own style,  means Tony Kuuga spends nearly 50 – 70 hours per piece. An effort that we can all agree is completely worth it when you see the final outcome.

I think women are the most beautiful things in the world, they inspire me to create,”says Kuuga, who wants to create the Kawaii with a hint of cartoon-esque style; exaggerating the head and the eyes.

“The  eyes used to be bigger. The bigger the eyes, the cuter the artwork of the girl,” says Tony.Scarlet WitchAnneHathaway-Sexy2Through patience, skill and simply spectacular technique Antony Kuuga is an artist whose work speaks volumes of the artist within him. While his work looks at women of strength and relevance to the pop culture, Tony’s pieces are on their way to gain the same amount or recognition in the world of art and design. It’s only a matter of time.

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