Richie, Erdiro and Kristina have been friends since high school, sharing classes, conversations and ideas together. So when they were faced with the questions about their future, this trio of artists decided that they wanted to start a business together. This led to the birth of TriFriend Design, a Slovakian graphic studio start-up whose work is imaginative, intricate, beautiful and thoroughly captivating! 6A unique feature of TriFriend is that it harnesses different creative forms to deliver great content. Whether it is photography, graphic design or tangible art, the individual talent of each artist/entrepreneur is on the table, thus leading to a beautiful synchronisation for the final product.

“It’s all about diversity in work. We are different people with different ideas; that’s the way we believe  creativity is accelerated,” says Kristina.

This professional philosophy resonates in every project that TriFriend undertakes. Without compromising on artistic expressions, they have been quite spontaneous in their creations since inception.Untitled-1Whether it’s an in-house project or one for a specific client, TriFriend Design enjoys diving the artistic process with all their might! For this, they need to get into nitty gritty details and have an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs.

When asked about their most memorable projects, Kristina recalls,”Some projects that we love the most include Circus ERDIRO, Result Game and the Ampersand series.”2915

No matter how amazing the clients and the projects, there is no denying that every entrepreneurial venture comes with its own set of challenges.

“We don’t want to limit ourselves by geography.The idea is to stay positive because every day brings unknown challenges and opportunities alike,”says Richie.

TriFriend is keen on exploring places outside of Slovakia to take their venture to the next level. They want to propel their creative drive and motivation by witnessing everything that the world has to offer.2

But when Foreground got more curious about what else TriFriend Design is planning to do, Kristina chuckles and responds. “We have really ginormous plans, but our superstitious hearts are telling us not to divulge anything for the time being.”

Whatever awaits TriFriend Design in the future, one thing is certain- Richard Harin, Barbora Hlavaty and Kristina Benackova will face it together.

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