Ever wondered what you’re truly passionate about? Whether its art, tech, fitness or culinary – everyone is aways passionate about something. While some of choose to make a career out of their passions, others choose for their passions to be an escape. A tool to reconnect with their true selves and show the world a side of them they many didn’t expect.

Martin Trokenheim, is one such artist.

“Even though my career has taken other paths, I’ve always liked to draw, doodle and sketch. However, it is only the last three-four years I’ve really tried to do something real,” says Trokenheim.

While he was initially intimidated by other artists in his field, Martin soon learnt that he was just as talented and able as anyone else out there. Soon, he channeled his confidence into each of his creations.

Be it androids, robots and all things sci-fi Trokenheim, is an artist who has gotten in touch which the extent of his artistry gradually; allowing his art to become an interest, a hobby and a passion.

Another aspect to Trokenheim’s work is he is a digital artist. His illustrations are created with a the help if his trusted design tablet and several open source tools available online .

“I’ve always considered pen, paper, canvas and paint to be messy. Plus, there is no undos. I also had a problem “wasting” expensive color and paper, something that held back my lust to experiment,” says Trokenheim

While he may not have experiment in the medium of paint and paper, Trokenheim made up for this with his willingness to experiment digitally.

“When I was introduced to computer aided illustration my life changed. I was suddenly free to try things out. I got access to all the colors in the world and could save copies and try different versions of a drawing. Now I can “waste” as much as I like!” Adds Trokenheim.

Appreciating beauty: The lonely robot, watching a digital ballerina. Curious, wondering whether this is the end or is I simply the beginning.

Inspired by the likes of Ralph McQuarrie, M. C. Escher, Tove Jansson, Simon Stålenhag, Pierre Christin and Creature Box to name a few- Trokenheim is driven by their depictions of universes with warmth and humour, excitement and thrills.

“I sometimes get inspired by the things around me. An idea can from a casual walk, or whilst watching tv or even through music. My inspiration is all-around me,” says Trokenheim.

The Defender. Inspired by Hayao Miyazakis movie Princess Mononoke. Showcasing a woman in sci-fi as the strong willed protected. A character predominantly portrayed by men.

What is most notable about Trokenheim’s work is silent advocation for equality. Sci-fi isn’t a genre that has been gracious with strong female characters, but Trokenheim is an artist who wants to change that.

“We need more women and girls as central characters or protagonists in the stories we create.  The problem isn’t media and culture lack  female characters, but they are seldom the leading roles,” says Trokenheim.

Further commenting on the fact that generalisations need to stop, if we want to drive the message of equality home.

“Why must female characters have big breast, super tight space suits and high heels? It’s ridiculous! While men in leading roles are usually very macho. Of course I generalize, but look around you, and you’ll see that much still looks like this in science fiction. I try to make a difference, and I hope I do.” adds Trokenheim.

The Adventurous Lynx: Captures excitement and outwardly charm that is trilling and new. Trokenheim aimsto capture the thrills of the worlds of role-playing. Mutant was a game that takes place in a future Sweden after a big atomic war. The land is populated by anthropomorphic animals, humans, robots and crazy maniacs.

While each piece takes about 10- 15 hours to create, there is no denying that the results are nothing short of amazing, For Martin Trokenheim, ‘Good Enough’ isn’t really an option, when it comes to his work.

The Playful Fish: Colourful, fun and full of life. This is an image that isn’t dark. It’s light-hearted and it’s fresh. Warm colours and a carefree subject illustrate an ease that is natural.

The pieces in Trokenheim’s collection all tell a story on their own. While his favourite is ‘Appreciating beauty,’ Martin Trokenheim’s collection for foreground is a true reflection of the artist he is. An artist who believes in following his passions, enjoying the unpredictable fantasy of the future and thriving in all things sci-fi. His work is truly an escape into pure imagination, intrigue and wonder, and we’re lucky to have found it.