Have you ever seen a phenomenal piece of art and thought to yourself-how was this even possible? Wondered what was going through the artist’s mind when he/she was creating this piece that you are so irrevocable drawn to?  Whether its paintings, sculptures, installations, murals or any other form of visual art, what you see is a representation that is unique to you alone. It is a bond between you the observer and the artist.Gerogia Feature

This complex and unique bond is created with ease by Australian artist/ illustrator Georgia Carter. Her work ranges from watercolour art to sketches, character design to fantasy and so much more.

When we ask her, what drew her to art and creating with both obvious and hidden beauty, Georgia’s answer is rather straight forward.

“When I draw, because I’m only concentrating on what I’m doing at that time, I lose myself and I forget about everything else except the lines,” says Georgia.

GF 2

While her medium of choice and artistic style is constantly changing, Georgia believes this allows her to constantly learn about art and explore the artist in her better. But if she had to label the artist  that is Georgia Cater, her word of choice is ‘WILD.’

When I’m not trying to learn a new form, I love doing wild sketches and things that make no sense. It’s comfortable, fun and different,” adds Georgia. 

This wildness of heart reflects clearly in the piece Georgia has drawn exclusively for Foreground. At first glance, this image seamlessly brings together two worlds without compromising on the intensity and strength of either.

While the viewer can draw his/her own interpretation of the piece, there is no denying  that there is a hold this, and all of Georgia’s creations have on their viewers. You cannot look at it without having it speak to you.


A piece created exclusively for Foreground.

“It’s important to me that art takes you to somewhere beautiful, if I can do that, that would be incredible,” adds Georgia. 

Georgia at work.

Georgia at work.

While her work is constantly evolving, her technique only getting better and her style and process constantly under reinvention, Georgia remains true to her core artistic beliefs; not being influenced by what everyone around her is doing and focusing on her own unique style. Staying true to the artist she is.

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