New York City. Theres always been a sense of amazement attached to this city. Whether it’s through movies, art, pop culture or vacation instagrams- nearly everyone who has come in contact with this city has been hooked to it’s undescribeable magic. What is it about New York that makes it so magical? Why is it that the city that ever sleeps, is a city that is on everyone’s mind?

The truth is there is more to NYC than what you’ve has seen; too much in fact. The city is after all home to over 8 million people with a mind and spirit of their own; and just like it’s inhabitants, this is a city that has it’s own personality too.

Take it from German photographer Lucas Hertweck, who captures New York  like you’ve never seen before.

“It’s probably the city that fascinates me the most on this planet. I dreamed of visiting New York since I was a little kid. I still dream of living there one day. It feels like you’ve got the world packed into one big city,” says Hertweck.the-city-that-never-sleeps“Everyone tries to fulfil their dreams at NYC and almost everything you can think of you’ll find somewhere in New York. It is magical,” he adds.the-sub

A photographer for over 4 years now, Lucas Hertweck’s Instagram is immersed with shots of cities – largely New York. He’s like the rest of us. Trying to get to know a city whose persona is both larger than life and captivating.

“I decided I wanted to photograph this city the minute I set foot in it. There is something about its atmosphere, that is unlike any other city on earth,” says Hertweck.manhattan-lightsA fan of urban styles, Hertweck prefers pictures that don’t give everything away at first instance. Pictures, that take a moment to set in, but once you grasp the view, is an inescapable scene that is truly one of its kind.

One of his favourite pieces ever, is the first image of New work that he ever took. What makes it special are the personal memories attached to the image. To this day, Hertweck cannot get his eyes off the image, when he sees it. favorite

“A good picture doesn’t necessarily have to be a beautiful picture. You can always take a beautiful picture when there is a sunrise or sunset. When everything has a warm atmosphere which usually has a positive impact on people in general. We associate this with the word beautiful,” he says. brooklyn-bridge

Be it this collection, or any photograph taken by Hertweck, the core idea is to give his viewers the best image possible. To be transported to that very moment, in that very city he was at- whilst capturing that image.

But while his pictures are captured with signature framework and treated to warm perfectoin, Hertweck is constantly inspired by whats new.

“Don’t copy your idols. Always try something new,” is his biggest piece of advice to budding writers everywhere.empire-spiretimes-square

In the end, New York City is place that will always have room for more. Wherever you’re from, whatever you’re into, in this city- you will find the feeling of belonging. It is the surrealist embrace that makes this city unique, electric and diverse. Through this collection, we hope Lucas Hertweck has shown you sides of the city that you haven’t seen before.