Santa Jankovic, was always an artist. Growing up in Novi Sad, Serbia- a wine district; Sanja went on to pursue Honors of Fine Arts and Master of Painting.

In addition to her superb technique, Sanja’s work also stands out because of her medium of choice- wine, calling her art Winerelle Vinoreli.


Sanja Jankovic,- wine

Using a range of different wines, Sanja says the darker the drink, better is the outcome of her art. And not all wines result have the same reds. While some wines are constantly included in Sanja’s  colour palette, she’s always trying out new ones from all over the world – just like her clients.

Sanja created this Harley Quinn piece for a friend.

Sanja created this Harley Quinn piece for a friend.

Says Sanja, ” I feel like the wine paints along with me, it’s more than just a painting medium. It looks like water-colour painting, but it’s much harder to create. It requires patience and a steady hand. “

A piece created specially for Foreground, celebrating Novak-Djokovic.

A piece created especially for Foreground, celebrating Novak-Djokovic.

While she describes herself as a shy introvert, the artist that is Sanja Jankovic is anything but. Her work showcases a certain fearlessness that is captivatingly beautiful and incredibly rare.

Check out more of Sanja’s art: Behance Facebook