For Bangalore-based student, Anushree Chokappa art came from a place of innate creativity and self-expression. It was something she was drawn to on a subconscious level but considered a hobby.

From the age of 4, Anushree was entrusted with the task of making cards for special occasions; birthdays and anniversaries alike. With at least 5 cards made annually, till date, Anushree claims them to be a good source of practice.

With age, her interest and technique only grew. This coupled with a motivation that came from family and friends, led Anushree to pursue design professionally.

In this collection for Foreground, Miss Chokappa gives us a series of food illustrations that are more than merely food. There is no one statement that comes with each piece but secondary visual as well.


Cheese Tents.

When asked, Anushree says there is a particular sense of absurdity to these illustrations that is on its own, a beautiful thing.

“There’s no stopping anyone from adding their own perspective to the paintings. It is meant to be illogical and irrational, showing the silliness that sometimes floats in my mind.”


The Burger Balloon


Angel Cake

Now in her final year at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Miss Chokappa says she draws inspiration from nature, people and the events around her. But what adds to the growth is her willingness to constantly experiment. This has led to a very gradual and stable evolution of her craft. Giving new meaning to the phrase slow and steady wins.


Pizza planes

With a wide range of preferred media Anushree’s all time favourites are colour pencil, dry pastels and pen. Some of which you can see in this collection.


Soup Cloche

But when asked what some of her artistic peeves are, this artist has one that tops all others, following a popular artistic trend for no personal reason whatsoever.

“If it isn’t artwork for a client, why choose to be a sell-out?,” says Miss Chokappa.


Sunset Trifle

While her body of work is diverse, there is a  deep-seated root to the reality that one cannot ignore. Perhaps this is born from Anushree’s source of inspiration – reality itself. Or it’s a natural artistic flow that is innate. Whatever the case, the future certainly looks both diverse and promising for this artists on the rise.