A life-changing event, the simple joys of life and even dreams often find powerful expressions through poetry  – and a poet’s expressive verses can be truly riveting. Such is the work of Sana Ahmed Khuraishi, a Bangalore poet. For Sana, writing in itself is a form of catharsis.”Writing helps me navigate through my problems. I find my answers and a sense of consolation in literature, and in writing as an art form.”

He doesn’t have your humour.
He doesn’t have your eyes.
He doesn’t listen to my stories,
Or even my advice.
He isn’t very spiritual.
He thinks the Kindle is a crime.
He doesn’t know what to say exactly,
For when he sees me crying.
He doesn’t have your knowledge.
He doesn’t have your mind.
He hasn’t even said the words –
“I’m yours, and you are mine”.
He doesn’t know how much I miss you.
He doesn’t particularly care
About all the joy you brought to me,
And the way you stroked my hair.
Yes, he lacks in many ways.
I’ve even begun to lose count.
I wonder if I told you enough,
That to me, you are paramount.
After I say goodbye to him,
Before slumber takes over
I hurt, and then I smile again
Enjoying our love that’s leftover.

A self-confessed dreamer, Sana’s work features a strong undercurrent of fantasy and optimism. There is a sense of magic she manages to capture in her pieces that are hard to go unnoticed.


The one thing that Sana wants all her readers to take away from her work, is comfort – that there is always going to be someone in this world who understands what you are going through and that it is okay to be a little lost in wonder. We all need it from time to time.

With this firm grasp of artistic self-expression, Sana believes writers of the 21st century are different from their counterparts of other generations. With many readers today preferring easy-to-read modern language, the message that rests within Sana’s work can be well understood and interpreted.

Moon Touched
She glows with the light of her inner infinity.
She smiles with a thousand rays of light.
She moves like a child of the nocturnal winds.
She sings like a Goddess is love, by night.
Call her beautiful, and she will appear.
Call her fierce, and she will smile.
Call her friend, and she will speak.
Call her woman, and she will spoil.
Not a soul knows where ever to find her.
Yet, among merry-makers she feasts.
With the old folk she dances at midnight,
And toward daybreak, she travels east.
Sailors have seen her smiling by the shore.
Fishermen have weathered away in her wait.
Pirates have killed to capture her glow.
But none can possess her, by the design of fate.
For she now lives admit the magic of the dark,
Which so few have discovered and clutched.
She lives at the centre of the stars and the skies.
She is forever more, moon touched.

Sana- Hello Good bye

As a budding poet, Sana says she is constantly evolving as a writer. This means experimenting with themes and styles. No matter how many likes or shares on social media, she is a poet who is humbled and grateful, constantly thanking readers who invest their time into reading what she writes.

When asked what she would like to tell budding writers like herself, Sana says, “If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that you need to stay true to yourself. Write about the things you know, not what everyone else is writing about. That’s the only way to find your own style.”

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