The thing about creativity is, nobody is limited to one outlet. Whether its painting, music, illustrating, sculpting or writing, its possible to be good at more than one art form, even excel in it.

British artist, Beth Smith is a great example of this. Whether its photography or art-Beth manages to effortlessly capture the image in her mind’s eye, for the world to see.


Mixing art and photography:Her cat Kelso

Beth’s love for art started in the tender age of nine and has only grown since. Her artistic ambitions became truly serious in high school. Since then, she has also apprenticed and trained in a tattoo studio, growing steadily as an artist.

A peek into Beth’s instagram, shows you exactly how diverse her body of work is. Whether it’s different photography techniques, watercolours and pen and ink, Beth is constantly experimenting with her art form.

“Once I have an idea, I like to think of what materials would set the mood best,” says Beth.

But when asked about her work and the one word she thinks best describes it, Beth uses the word Inconsistent. This is an artist, who believe that constant experimentation is a great way to both stay creative and eventually find your artistic voice.

While a lot of her work is inspired by her everyday life, Beth hopes her art reflects both the events and her feeling behind them.

“I’m a very emotional person and my life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns. I think that really reflects in my work. My emotions come out in it. “

Another picture of Kelso

Another picture of Kelso

Beth's husband and daughter.

Beth’s husband and son.

“What you look at is purely me there’s a story behind every piece. If you enjoy my art then I am sincerely great full for the time you spend looking at it,” says Beth to all those who appreciate her art; constantly liking and commenting on her work with genuine positivity.

With the belief that there’s life inside art, whether it’s two dimensional or not, Beth continue’s to create pieces that showcase events of her life. Events she chooses to share with the world.

Whatever her next piece maybe, one thing is absolutely certain. The artistic talents of Beth Smith are sure to deliver a piece that is creative, diverse and truly a reflection of herself.

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