Many artists create for different reasons. The subject, genre, and focal point of their craft varies and is never the same.

The diverse artistic inclination of an artist and his artform is never truly one thing. The sooner every art lover understands this fact, the wider their appreciation of art is likely to become.

For Norwegian artist and comic book illustrator Oystein Sanne, art is more personal than most artists would care to admit. His work derives from a sound perspective of self that is coupled with a sharp and inescapable sense of humour. Making his work, wonderful and entertaining.

Initially a web designer, Sanne never believed the profession to be his calling. Being a comic book artist seemed like a natural fit for Sanne, eventually leading his creative endeavours since early 2008.

” I figured that if I was going to get any better at it I had to start somewhere. I started making this comic blog, where I took the simple and mundane events from my own everyday life and turned them into these big adventures,” says Sanne.

Even when going through his daily life as a web designer- deep down- Sanne always knew art was the path for him. Drawing and art were always the latent preference, and Sanne soon ultimately decided to take the plunge.

One of Sanne’s favourite pieces till date.

“I’ve always been drawing, for as long as I can remember. All my drawings had some story behind them. My parents still brag about how I could draw cars in a three-dimensional perspective at the age of five, but I didn’t really realise that I could make the stories into comics until I was a lot older.”

Inspired by artists like Brandon Graham, Becky Cloonan, Meredith Gran, Mike Mignola and Jamie Hewlett, Sanne draws creativity from pieces that remind to stay fresh, without losing of the artist he is within.

Family, friends, pop culture and music are some of Sanne’s other major motivators. They can be seen in his work if one pays attention. Whether it’s the words, tertiary characters or even the scenarios-Sanne’s work constantly has motifs of his everyday life in them.

As for this collection, Sanne personally gives us all a glimpse into his everyday life.

“I wanted to make them in the same style as my previous comics. They are a reflection of my past week and a comedic take on the events that passed (at the time they were created).”

While Sanne would like to call his style Cartoony European Manga, there seems to be more to it. While at first glance, his work is simple, funny and personal. But, with it comes meaning and an earnest glimpse into the life of a man who is immersed in his craft.

With each strip taking a minimum of for hours from start to finish, Sanne has no shortage of life events he would like to comically document.

“In this collection, the strip where I get my glasses is a personal favourite. Perhaps because that one was extra fun to draw. Now that I’m going to get glasses I might have to update my comic character too, ” jokes Sanne.

As for how he sees the artist within himself, Sanne believes him to be an attention seeking historian who always feels the need to prove himself. While this description may seem like it heavy with a deep-seated sense of pressure, Sanne believes it’s the motivation he needs to keep growing in his craft.

“It’s important that budding artists don’t lose confidence when they see someone who is better than them.  It’s important to be inspired and not intimidated,” Sanne adds.


The truth is, Øystein Sanne is a man the world knows through his comic strips. That Øystein finds the humour in everyday life with a sense of authenticity and easy that many of us fail to recognise within ourselves.

While his work is self-biographical, funny and quite possibly the most authentic version of himself Sanne chooses to put out there; it is also an honest way to touch the hearts of every single one of his followers.

Through comedy, realism and everything that makes Øystein Sanne truly awesome.