“If you can pick u a pencil and start drawing anything, you’re already an artist, ” says Jasmine.

Her answer stems from the belief that all children can express themselves in way that’s natural and unrestrained. Something we forget over time as we grow up.

While the life of an artist is a great career goal and personal dream, Jasmine believes she’s still on her artistic journey. After working as a children’s art teacher and 3 years of art school, Jasmine is well on her way to become the artist she’s always wanted to be.

For this Malaysian painter/illustrator, her art speaks humanistic realism that is positive and pure with a sense of abstract beauty.

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“ I let my art project positively and the joys of life.  That is what I want people to feel when they look at my work. I want there to be a sense of encouragement and happiness that allows them to- for a moment- escape the harsh truths of realty,” says Jasmine.

Influenced greatly by her father- a teacher of spiritual healing- Jasmine says she found her heart for the subject once again. A self discovery that led her to engage with art in a more profound way. 12234962_10201189471934708_7809896994882627657_n

Other important teachers in her journey were the children she taught art to. Who in turn taught Jasmine a little something as well.

“ I was in their paintings and they taught me to get in touch with my feeling and inner child once again. Something I had forgotten and needed to find, ” reminisces Jasmine

With an unbiased love for all her pieces, Jasmine is one of those artists who taps into a state of emotional familiarity and fun. Allowing her creative process to be one of growth, energy and positivity.

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While she paints on canvas, doors, stools, ceramics and plywood, Jasmine’s art is larger than her medium. It is larger than her as well. The beauty of he art rests in the un -filtered joy it brings to those you witness it.

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Though rich colour, expression and positivity, this is one artist whose work is her way returning to a time, when creativity thrives. A time when self-expression takes the foreground and whats on the canvas is more important than anything.

” Every artists must find their own pursuit of life’s loves and issues. Because art is life and life is art. Follow your dreams  and live your life with no regrets,” says Jasmine Cheong in closing. Beaming with positivity.

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