Self-expression can be a challenging feat to achieve. It takes an extrordinary amount of effort to be authentic, creative and unique all at the same time; while simultaneously being true to yourself. No writer, no matter how proficient, is exempted from this challenge. The struggle that comes from having a true creative voice never really goes away. Writers however, learn to hone their skills to effectively tackle this conundrum every time they face it.

For Instagram poet Sob, poetry came at time when he least expected it. “It all started with a New York Times article that contained a story on Instagram Poets. Tyler Knott Gregson and R.M. Drake were the featured poets. I was amazed! I don’t even think I had finished the article before I grabbed my phone to discover the world of Instagram poetry and I thought to myself, ‘I could do that!’”

Professionally- Sob is a trained director and screenwriter, but was experimenting with creative outlets for expressing himself. Whether he’s writing Post-Its or a novel, trying to sell a script or produce a film, to Sob, these are different avenues of self-expressions. These avenues remind him that he is indeed alive, with these unique tidbits within him that he needed to pull out for the world to see.

While his projects as a poet call for him to tap into the online medium and thereby it’s audience (especially those on social media), Sob believes that people today have it easier when it comes to writing; they just face more challenges on the road to becoming a true Writer.


While Sob’s work encompass a series of themes, ranging from romantic to intellectual, witty and ambiguous, there is always a degree of honesty to his words. Each Post-It poem has a contextual relevance and is photographed in a specific manner as well. This attention to detail and specific train of thought (not just his, but the of his reader’s as well) allows for Sob to create some truly powerful work.

As for his methods, he admits that there is a certain amount of spontaneity to his wordings. But there is an equal amount (if not more)of planning involved as well.

“I’ll write about 30 Post-Its on Sunday on the computer –  some are compiled on my phone, then transcribed and edited on my computer, while some others are written right on the spot. They all try to capture the emotions whirling around, from happy to sad, political, angst, satire, funny, love, etc..” explains Sob.


As for his advice to upcoming writers and poets, Sob insists that practice is the only way. “It really doesn’t matter how good or bad it is. If it’s bad, bummer… If it’s amazing, great! But you just have to keep writing and writing. In the end, it’s the only way to actually SEE what was inside of you. Expressing it well just takes practice.”

Sob’s message to his readers is as simple as it gets – its all beautiful.
“Hi! Thanks for reading!! I love you!! You’re beautiful!!!!”


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