Eva Strautkalne can’t remember a time when she wasn’t an artist. Whether it was drawing, arts or crafts; she was always artistically inclined, a side of her that has only grown stronger with time.

Eventually, Eva found herself experimenting with mediums like watercolour, acrylic and oil paints. She has also painted glass and  sculpted with plasticine, sowed, cross stitched and knitted! Constantly experimenting with styles while she was at it.

But, this 23-year-old Latvian artist found her calling in monochrome pieces, and started her online endeavour under the name: Monochrome Mind. An artistic initiative started in early march. Her mandalas combines geometric symmetry with a perfect blend of nature and life.

In this collection for Foreground, Eva has created 5 beautiful mandalas exclusively for Foreground that perfectly capture her love for symmetry, nature and black and white.


“Colour tends to overwhelm me. I find it difficult to choose colours and combine them in a pleasant way. Black and white is something I always seem to enjoy and the process of creating these illustrations brings me peace,” says Eva, who sells her pieces as colouring sheets, open to every individual’s artistic expression.

While this collection has the perfect amount of geometric symmetry and aesthetics, if you look closer, you will find that each piece has a life of its own. An identity that is unique. A balance that this artist strikes perfectly.


“I like to play around with these contradictory concepts as well as symmetry and mirrored elements. I think I enjoy my third piece in this collection most, because of the balance it strikes between the three.”


Eva’s favourite piece from this collection.

While monochromatic pieces may be her point of interest, Eva comes from a background in animation. Primarily, character design.  Artists she admire include, Robert Valley, Anna Cattish, Randy Bishop- all of whom tell stories through their work.


feature4Whether it’s her body of work, the artist she is or the techniques she uses, one thing is absolutely clear. Eva Strautkalne is an artist who is in the business of art for the sheer joy of creation.

With clean intricacy, organic elements and equal attention to balance and beauty, Eva allows viewers (or fellow artists and colourists) to add a touch of themselves to each of her pieces, a magnanimous offering indeed.

When asked, how she would describe the artists in her, Eva says, “I’m a perfectionist.” A feature that doesn’t go unnoticed in her work, which is perfectly in-sync, alive, breathing and without a doubt- beautiful.