Artistic amalgamation is always tricky. Taking one artwork and excelling it is a feat on its own. But taking 2 distinct art forms and successfully merging them together, in order to present pieces that are truly spectacular (both as singular stand alone pieces and together as one) is another accomplishment altogether.

For Italian painter, illustrator and yogini Martina Dirce Carcano and singer, songwriter and poet Simone Savogin excelling in their respective domains came from a very early age. For Ms.Carcano, art has been a part of her life since age 3; while Mr.Savogin found himself writing stories, and poetry since age 5. As they grew, so did their craft and admiration for the creative spirit.While this creative duo first came to know each other via letter in 2007, it was in 2016 that a new form of inspiration struck.

“We attended that year’s poetry slam world cup in Paris and were completely in awe. We decided to put together a Haikoodle a week for one year. That’s how Haikoodle was born,” says Martina, who now attends La Scala Academy in pursuant of Stage Design.

Haikoodle is an Instagram account that collectively showcases the talents of both Ms.Carcano and Mr.Savogin. While each piece supplements the other, it doesn’t compromise in each artist’s creative voice. A tough tightrope to walk indeed.

When asked if they always knew if they wanted to be artists, Mr.Savogin believes that any one person can only be who they truly are in their heart soul and mind, through art.

“Be it music, painting, writing or drawing, the art form you chose and love is a reflection of your true self. Whatever you choose, you feel this unexplainable urge to create. Even without believing your “product” is art, you can’t stop yourself, you feel the need mounting inside and you have to give it a voice; that’s what we felt too,” he says.

One of Mr.Savogin favourite pieces. Representing a silent yet powerful form of protest for one’s ideals.

While Ms.Carcano has always dreamed of being a painter,  Mr.Savogin has always known he would never stop singing and writing his own songs. Art itself is a huge part of the very fabric of their lives. It’s expression that comes naturally. It is indulging in themselves and what is near to their heart. At it is an easy outlet for self-expression.

That being said, regardless of all the creative hues exist within their pieces, Ms.Carcano and Mr.Savogin do not consider themselves to be artists.

“We don’t consider ourselves artists, we just express ourselves the way, we want to and enjoy what we’re good at. We’ve studied and worked to make the best of what we can, and we hope people like what we do. The artists within us are like 2 children, full of ideas,” explains Mr.Savogin

With over 800 followers on across social media, this creative duo that is Haikoodle says that while the recognition is spectacular, it’s not what drives their urge to create.

It is an innate passion for their craft that allows Ms.Carcano and Mr.Savogin to invest their talents into a journalistic amalgamation of visual art and poetic marvel; all in the form of Haikoodles.

In their exclusive Foreground Collection, the Haikoodle duo creates a series of pieces that are in tune with humanity today and resonate themes that relevant with regards to a global context- all the while presenting us with some of their personal best.

“This collection took a while. We were in the middle of our Kickstarted Campaign and wanted to give you work that was truly the best we could create while showcasing the entire Haikoodle spectrum,” says Ms.Carcano.

Thi piece is about how much Mr Savogin dislikes anxiety and refuses to accept it in his life

Despite working on their upcoming book at the time, Ms Carcano and Mr Savogin managed to create pieces that are truly some of their most unique work. As for favourites, these artists change their favourite from week to week. Not looking back and always moving forward. 

Rooted in a bond that is strong and in sync, Martina Carcano and Simone Savogin are 2 individual artists who effortlessly blend their thoughts together for the world to see as Haikoodle. His work is moving and hers gives his craft a face and form that is truly beautiful and authentic.

Together, they make the world both beautiful and meaningful. One spectacular work of art at a time.