The life of an artist may be many things. Extravagant, glamorous and exciting or dark, raw, subjective and one of a kind. But there is no denying that every artist is born from a personal encounter with their craft and a love for it that is personal and deep.

For Chilean artist José Alme Yutronic, art began  as a street artist at 15 – but he never truly considered himself  an artist.

“I’ve never considered myself an artist. I suppose that is a designation that is for others to give you, after a long time of constant and well-done work,” says Yutronic.

Soon enough, Yutronic began getting invitations to paint outside of Chile; and after a few galleries suggested he display his work as painting, Yutronic began painting on canvases and not just walls. 

While is work may at first glance seem abstract and imaginative, there is a sense of surrealism and fantasy that is embedded into it. But the most striking feature of Alme Yutronic’s work is perhaps the fact that each piece reflects what it intends to. Each piece expresses what rests within the mind of this Chilean artist.

Simply put, to Alme Yutroni,  life as magic and people don’t always notice it. What they tend to see it the normalcy conveniently ignoring the magic.

“Seeing, smelling, touching…being able to feel our surroundings connects us with everything, second after second is truly magical,” he adds.

While most artists may submerge themselves in a piece until completion, Yutroni works parallelly amongst different pieces. Allowing his mind to jump from idea to idea and create what is necessary to supplement each piece.

“It’s important that an artist expresses themselves. Whether it’s painting, dancing, tears or laughter expression is important. It doesn´t matter what the public thinks; if you’re satisfied, others will also be and it will be because of your work.”

With the ability to transport viewers to a world that’s refreshing, Yutroni’s work utilises composition, colour and creativity with an almost unbelievable ease – a trait which should come as no surprise to someone who has been an inspirational artist for more than 2 decades

Inspired by man, nature and the universe, José Alme Yutroni is an artist who breathes life into surrealist creativity. His work is unlike anything you will ever see. While he may not consider himself an artist- there is no denying that he is certainly one that defines this generation.

So if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of his pieces, cherish it, hold on to it, appreciate it. For you’re in possession of a piece that is certain to impact the cultural lexicon contemporary art- for years to come

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