Art, to every artist, means something different. It can be an escape, a form of self-expression, it can be a skill or a means of garnering fresh perspective on life. For  Heidi Eilertsen, art, is a necessity to happiness.

“I started to really enjoy drawing when I was about ten years old. I combined it with writing, and created illustrated fairytales that I entertained family and friends with. As time went by I moved through different techniques. Most of my teens were dedicated to portraits in graphite and ink, and in my adult life I practiced painting with acrylics, oil and watercolour,” explains Heidi. image

While her work reflects several perspectives, this Norwegian artist strives to constantly satay inspired; To be found beauty and brilliance in her art form to grow herself and expand her imagination and never truly fixate on one particular style.

It is with this creative fluidity that Eilertsen, also takes inspiration from photographers, and images that brilliantly capture light and colour.

“Constant experimentation results in periods of different styles. But what is fixed is a fascination with colours,” adds Eilertsen

image-4Researching extensively for her create work, Heidi Eilertsen believes her art, brings her  a sense of completion and happiness; saying she infants feels stressed when she isn’t drawing. image-3As for her collection for Foreground, Eilertsen has created 5 pieces that represent her creative mood at the moment. A fascination for colours embedded into everyday life and the things we would ordinarily brush off as mundane.

“The feeling that the colour is running down the page is lovely. Especially, when it is a watercolour image,” says Heidi, who is currently experimenting with different animals, but birds as a motif to her technique.

It is their  distinct shape, and varying sizes ad structure that truly fascinate this artist.


But, regardless of what she’s drawing, Heidi Eilertsen will infuse elements of nature into her pieces.  Be it the green earthen woman of the dripping moonlight of a feminine silhouette, Eilertsen fortifies her love more mother Earth in subtle yet noticeable ways.

in the four days it too her to make this collection, Eilertsen believes she has been impulsive and simply having fun. Reflecting her artistic personality once again.


As for her advice to any budding artist, Heidi Eilertsen says with absolute sincerity,

“Practice, be open to new impulses, and enjoy the ride. If you love being creative, you have been given a wonderful gift, so treasure it.”